9th Urban Mobility India Conference cum Exhibition

The Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference and Expo is an annual event with the overarching theme which runs across all the aspects of urban mobility and is organized by the Institute of Urban Transport (India) under the aegis of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. UMI is mandated

Parking plan criticised at many levels

Traffic experts think it will go against the current grain of discouraging cars in order to reduce congestion on the roads, but the Delhi Development Authority plans to change the land-use category of Gandhi Maidan in Chandni Chowk to turn the existing single-storey parking into a multi-level facility. The two-hectare parking

What other cities can learn from Delhi’s experiments with public transport

Our cities need to respond urgently to the public health crisis of unsustainable transportation and urban growth. Delhi has taken centre stage for spearheading transportation measures to curb air pollution. But before other cities rush to implement initiatives like the odd-even experiment, what can they learn from the capital’s experiences over

Riverfront roads declared no parking zone

In a major development, city police have banned entry of heavy vehicles, loading vehicles including three wheelers, and passenger autos into the riverfront roads leading from Dafnala to Sardar Brige on the Eastern Riverfront and from Chandrabhaga bridge to Ambedkar bridge in Paldi on the Western River front.  In a notification,

Four-wheelers outpace 2-wheelers

Millionaires are increasing in Nagpur, which is reflected in the drastic increase in the number of four-wheelers on city roads. Figures available with the transport department say that there is a vehicle for every two persons in the city. Also, on an average, 123 new vehicles are being registered every