Smart City Mission: Plans submitted to UD ministry

All the 23 cities and towns from as many States and Union Territories that were given an opportunity to participate in the 'Fast Track Competition' under Smart City Mission submitted their revised plans today. According to a Urban Development Ministry release, the deadline for submission of Smart city proposals ends today. The

What is a smart city?

On the new streetcars that will start running in Kansas City next week, there’s a decal that says “KC is a smart city.” As the streetcars clang through the downtown business district on trial runs, pedestrians can watch the sentence slide by. Along the 2-mile streetcar line, Kansas City is installing

Smart cities require smart construction

Many cities around the world find themselves in a complicated tug-of-war between modernization, funding, and preserving history. This makes it difficult for some regions to take advantage of the latest trends and technologies that shape our society today.The trend of devolution going on as more cities are getting newly-elected mayors and power