Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods @ IRMA

Introduction The evidence-based knowledge production, development planning and policy advocacy have gained enormous importance in the contemporary teaching, policy-making, and advocacy processes. This requires a set of skills to produce evidences through scientific methods and techniques. The programme intends to provide basic skills and knowledge to participants to carry out

IoT Smart Cities Market Heading to $148 Billion

Along with smart watches, smart appliances, smart homes and smart buildings come smart cities. And based on a new research report, the Internet of Things devices that go into making cities smart will be growing significantly. The market size of the things that go into making a city smart will grow from

4D Mapper – Asset management System

4DMapper breaks down the geospatial data delivery bottleneck and leverages the value of your data by streaming it to your clients. 4DMapper is the only platform of it's kind, that automatically ingests virtually any data type; imagery, digital terrain, GIS data, WMS, pointclouds, inspection data... and enables immediate viewing, measurement

ArcGIS Earth application Launched

Explore any part of the world with ArcGIS Earth. Work with a variety of 3D and 2D map data formats … including KML. Display data, sketch placemarks, measure distances and areas, and add annotations. ArcGIS Earth has everything you need to easily understand spatial information so you get the full picture. Go

Three Days Workshop on Data Envelopment Analyis @IRMA

Introduction Optimal resource utilization has been the key issue of economics as a discipline. In the current local and global scenario, this has gained even greater relevance. The notions of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity have long since moved beyond their traditional domain of production into newer areas like services. Given this