Bengaluru residents actually breathe in air which has 3-12 times higher pollution levels than the ambient level – says CSE study in the city

Bengaluru is in the grip of rising air pollution. Official ambient air quality monitoring has shown 57 per cent increase in particulate matter in just four years. In more than 85 per cent of monitoring locations, the levels have exceeded standards CSE exposure monitoring provides clinching evidence of alarming dose that

Overloaded Trucks Lead to Bad Roads in Bengaluru: Expert

By Express News Service Published: 05th December 2015 05:23 AM Last Updated: 05th December 2015 05:43 AM BENGALURU: Heavy vehicles, especially overloaded ones, are among the major factors for the city’s damaged roads, says a transportation planner. “If overloaded trucks ply on a road, it will deteriorate quicker,” said N Ramesh Babu, Senior Transportation Planner, Centre for