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Violators of traffic rules to earn penalty points


India has the highest number of road deaths in the world, with more than 350 people losing their lives on roads every year. To curb the number of traffic violations, Transport Department of the government of Telangana has proposed to amend the state Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 by inserting new Rules.

Offenders will be awarded penalty points for offences. Driving drunk in a public vehicle and use of a vehicle while committing robbery/chain snatching and other similar offences will gain a rule-breaker five penalty points, while smaller offences like riding a two-wheeler without a helmet will earn one a single point. “This has been done to bring discipline to the roads and for the safety of commuters,” a Transport Department official said. The points will remain on record for 24 months and once a driver exceeds twelve points, his/her driving license will be suspended for one year.

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