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Watch where you park; Bengaluru police triple towing fee


Parking a vehicle in a no-parking zone on an arterial road in the city will now cost you more. The traffic police on Wednesday increased towing charges by almost three times.

The towing charges for two-wheelers will now be Rs 650, up from Rs 200, and for four-wheelers it will be Rs 1,000, up from Rs 300. For medium and heavy transport vehicles, the charges has been increased to Rs 1,250 from Rs 400 and Rs 1,500 from Rs 500, respectively.

City traffic officials said apart from towing charges, violators will also have to pay a fine of Rs 100 for wrong parking. The revised towing charges will come into effect from Thursday, they added.

Express on July 12 had carried a report about the traffic police’s plan to hike towing charges to reduce the menace of illegal parking.

Asked about complaints on increasing towing charges, Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic) R Hitendra said, “We are hiking towing charges after eight years. We will be able to engage more towing vehicles to remove illegally-parked vehicles because of the revised charges. The vehicle population in the city has almost doubled in the last ten years and several three lane roads have been reduced to two because of illegal parking.”

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