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5 Parameters that will define the success of smart city initiative


The Indian government is going big on its smart city project and has named twenty cities that will be developed as smart cities in the first phase of the project. The ambitious project will integrate multiple technologies including Internet of Things(IoT) solutions to make cities smart and secure enough for people to actually benefit from it.

The main aim of this mission is to harness technology and facilitate development in order to enhance the quality of life of people residing in the cities and to drive economic growth. This mission will run for a duration of five years (2015-2020) and cover 100 Indian cities.

While cities such as Singapore are at an advanced stage of smartness, for India to arrive at the starter phase, proper deployment of technologies, the right combination of processes and timely monitoring of relevant metrics have to be ensured. This will also warrant a seamless collaboration of all stakeholders including security agencies and active participation of the actual users that is public.And this success of smart city initiative is define by the 5 parameter

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