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Cisco has announced deployment of City Digital Platform in Hyderabad


Cisco Systems, a global leader in networking, on Thursday announced that it will deploy City Digital Platform (CDP) in Hyderabad. The platform, to be deployed in 2.2 km area near Hi-Tech City, will include smart Wi-Fi, smart parking, smart lighting and traffic analytics at key junctions. It will also comprise Remote Expert for Government Services (REGS), smart environmental sensors, smart waste management, and a smart control centre to monitor and manage the city with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The US-based multinational announced a series of strategic initiatives to help accelerate the digital transformation of Telangana. The firm signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Telangana government for the Digital Mile smart city project in Hyderabad. It will also develop an Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Hub and a Living Lab near Hi-Tech City and a Centre of Excellence and Living Lab in T-Hub, the country’s largest tech incubator.

Cisco will also undertake remote education in 10 schools in Karimnagar, and deploy digital solutions at Qutubshahi tombs, the historical monument in Hyderabad. Dinesh Malkani, President, Cisco India and SAARC, said Cisco will collaborate with local ecosystem solution providers to build a scalable model for the effective roll out of city services across Telangana.

“This project will utilise Cisco’s global expertise and intellectual property in the areas of IoT, mobile technology and applications, cloud computing, data analytics, social media, energy, and lighting solutions. Cisco will also engage with ecosystem partners in the state to develop new applications specifically for Indian smart cities and collaborate with the state for its upcoming smart cities in Telangana,” he said.

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