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Manage waste at home for a cleaner Madurai


MADURAI: Corporation commissioner Sandeep Nanduri on Saturday launched the home-based composting scheme, which envisages to turn wet organic waste from homes in the city, to nutrient-rich compost suitable for home gardens. The Madurai chapter of Exnora, a non-governmental environmental organisation, has tied up with the ITC, which is providing technical support, to launch the initiative.

It is time to go for decentralised solid waste management in cities, as soon there won’t be any space for dumping waste generated at homes, district president of Exnora, G Mohan said. “One way in which this could be achieved would be to deal with the wet waste, predominantly food waste from homes, at homes itself,” he told TOI.

“As the first step, we will be creating awareness about the importance of solid waste management in 1,500 homes in and around the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. Composting vessels made of plastic are being distributed to homes free of cost. We are making the composting apparatus at a cost of 400 each. They will be initially distributed free of cost to the beneficiaries.

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