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Residents to initiate solid waste segregation in Surat


In a first of its kind experiment in Gujarat, solid waste segregation at source is all set to take place at Athwaline area of Surat. Adarsh Society, a private colony of 154 bungalows, Surat Climate Change Trust (SCCT) and Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGhave joined hands to launch a pilot project in solid waste segregation around June 15 here.”This would be setting a precedent for others. If people adopt this as a practice, we would be able to reduce our disposal pile at Khajod disposal site rapidly,” Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) city engineer and SCCT chairman Jatin Shah said.SMC’s solid waste department daily collects 1,650 tonnes of solid waste from the city.

Out of this 35 per cent is wet organic waste and 12-15 per cent dry organic waste.Adarsh Society members would be given an additional basket for collection of all organic waste. The other waste would be collected in another basket. A paid employee of the society would collect both types of waste and deposit it with the SMC containers.”We have many trees and flower plants in our society.


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