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BRICS cities conclave: Affordable housing — The Shanghai model


With India having rolled out an ambitious ‘Housing for All’ programme, it is hardly a surprise to see local planners and authorities looking for cues — such as the strategic approach adopted by Shanghai— a city very often compared with Mumbai, to bring an over four-fold increase in its per capita living space over the past three decades.

On the second day of the three-day BRICS cities conclave that started on Thursday in Mumbai, Huang Rong, deputy secretary, General of Shanghai Municipal Committee, gave a detailed presentation on affordable housing in Shanghai.

Unlike Mumbai — one of the costliest real estate markets— which has relied on giving free houses to slum dwellers and construction of a few low-cost houses for the general public, Shanghai has adopted four approaches to affordable housing for different types of residents — low rent housing, a public rental housing system, houses on shared ownership, and houses for people relocated from old dilapidated buildings.

“Shanghai was among the first cities in China to reform the housing system. We set up a housing provident fund, low-cost housing. We have taken up many large measures and government projects. Shanghai was the first in China to also launch a low-rent housing system,” Huang Rong informed.

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