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New Industrial Policy incentivizes eco-friendly industries in JK

In a bid to promote eco-friendly industries in the state, the industrial policy 2016 has incentivized setting up of green ventures and adoption of green technologies.
As per the recently issued industrial policy, the government shall subsidize by 40 per cent the rain water harvesting equipment installed by the units. Similarly, for waste water recycling equipment, the government subsidy would be 50 per cent.
On zero discharge process/solid waste management, the policy announces 50 per cent subsidy on equipment cost.
 “Incentives would be available to such units/projects which undertake to install online pollution control devices to be monitored by the Pollution Control Board,” the policy document reads.
It says the industrial units will be encouraged to utilize renewable energy. “Preference in land allotment and additional incentives subject to the prescribed upper ceilings will be admissible for all such projects using renewable energy,” it says.
As per the policy, special attention shall be paid to environment protection by way of installation of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), hazardous waste management systems, zero discharge processes, energy conservation measures, solid waste disposal plants, recycled water utilization and dense plantation.
“Installation of such plants under PPP mode shall be encouraged with grant of incentives as are applicable under the policy or as may be prescribed,” the policy document reads.
The renewable energy projects are being administered by the Science and Technology Department for the purpose of incentives and concessions.
However, the policy says that setting up of red category industries in certain cases shall be allowed “subject to adoption of all environmental protection measures, installation of on-line pollution control equipment/devices and adherence to prescribed measures in relation to location of such units and environmental audit under the overall supervision of Pollution Control Board.”
The policy adds that efforts will be made to educate industry stakeholders about low-carbon, low waste, non-polluting and safe technologies.
“Use of energy efficient equipment in industries will be encouraged. Industries with connected load of above 100 KW will be encouraged to adopt energy auditing,” it says.
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