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Riverfront roads declared no parking zone


In a major development, city police have banned entry of heavy vehicles, loading vehicles including three wheelers, and passenger autos into the riverfront roads leading from Dafnala to Sardar Brige on the Eastern Riverfront and from Chandrabhaga bridge to Ambedkar bridge in Paldi on the Western River front.

 In a notification, city police chief Shivanand Jha has mentioned that the decision has been taken to prevent pollution levels in the river and to contain vehicle movement above the capacity of the Riverfront roads. Moreover all roads of Riverfront have been declared no-parking zone.
In another major decision, roads leading from Narol circle to Naroda, Shastri bridge, Aslali and Danilimda, too, have been declared no parking zones by the city poilce. The notification states that there are many transport offices and showrooms of vehicles around the Narol circle area. Some transport operators park their vehicles on main roads causing obstruction to traffic movement, hence the roads have been declared no parking zones.
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