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Four-wheelers outpace 2-wheelers


Millionaires are increasing in Nagpur, which is reflected in the drastic increase in the number of four-wheelers on city roads. Figures available with the transport department say that there is a vehicle for every two persons in the city. Also, on an average, 123 new vehicles are being registered every day at the two RTOs of the city.

According to statistics compiled by the City RTO, the new registration of two-wheelers has witnessed a 2.15% drop in the last fiscal. Against the registration of 42,958 two-wheelers in 2014-15, the city RTO registered 42,617 vehicles in 2015-16. On the other hand, against the new registration of 8,313 four-wheelers in 2014-2015, the city roads witnessed addition of 9,349 four-wheelers in 2015-16.

According to 2011 census, Nagpur’s population has touched 25 lakh while vehicle population has reached at least 14.71 lakh in the last fiscal of 2015-2016. Two-wheelers are more compared to four wheelers.

There were 8.24 lakh vehicles in the city in 2005-2006. In a decade, this number has almost doubled. With the increase in population and expansion of the city, problems related to connectivity have increased manifold.

More people are going for personalized modes of transport. Two-wheelers and cars comprise almost 90% of the total registered vehicular population in the city.

Two-wheelers constitute more than 80.38% of the total volume while cars comprise 10.08% and other vehicles including autos, buses, vans and tempos comprise 9.54%.

The addition — to the categories of private four-wheelers and two-wheelers — has been the highest ever and together they account for a little over 90% of the total number of vehicles added.

The number of public transport buses is woefully short of the city’s target. Despite all the investment in public transport, dependence on private vehicles is only increasing.

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