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OpenWebGIS: An open source geographic information system


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There are a lot of great geographic information systems (GIS) that run in web browsers and mobile apps, thanks in large part to the introduction of new web standards in 2010-11 and recent improvements in mobile devices.

And yet, most existing GIS systems are half-built systems that require setup by the users, which can be difficult and inconvenient to common for users who don’t know how to code. There’s also a very limited range of free and open source options for scientific data analysis. We created OpenWebGIS in 2014 to address all of these issues in a single, ready-built solution.

OpenWebGIS interface with 3D view
The OpenWebGIS interface with a few user modifications and a 3D view.
OpenWebGIS is BSD-2-Clause licensed, written in JavaScript, and based onOpenLayers, Geoserver, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, Cesium, and OSM Buildings.

OpenWebGIS is an open source online and offline GIS that can be used in both web browsers and mobile apps.

With the help of OpenWebGIS, users can:

  • Extrude images to 2D vector, 2.5D, and 3D layers on the map.
  • Obtain spatial and temporal distribution of earthquakes all over the world.
  • Get the spatial distribution and brief description of paleontologic occurrencesall over the world.
  • Track satellites and the International Space Station (both in real time and for any period of time).
  • Get weather data for a region.
  • Import/export OpenStreetMap vector data.
  • Convert any vector layer to shapefile.
  • Image analysis, segmentation of regions by colors and vectorization.
  • Geolocating your own position and the position of other people or objects (that are connected to OpenWebGIS).
  • Look into the future (with the analysis and time series prediction subsystem)
  • Create fractals on the map.
  • Select data from Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap and map it.
  • Use sensors and Wi-Fi statistics from an Android mobile device and refer data to geographic coordinates.

You can find detailed information about OpenWebGIS features and applicationson our blog.

OpenWebGIS interface variant
An OpenWebGIS interface variant
The main goal of OpenWebGIS development is to create a GIS with all the standard functions of online web GIS systems, a powerful set of tools for data scientific analysis, and features that are interesting to a wide range of users (not just scientists). We want OpenWebGIS to become an accomplished Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing platform, and enable users to be able to deploy their own server and client instances.

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