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Centre for excellence inaugurated


Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS applications have immense opportunities to address various emerging challenges in the fields of agriculture, oil and gas, defence, public works, water resources, environment , said S.M. Ramasamy, Chairman-DST Geospatial Chair, Centre for Remote Sensing, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchi.

The Central and State Government sectors like public works department, water and drainage board, Tangedco, land records, forestry, agriculture, water resources department, highways and transportation, oil and gas, ISRO, military and defence, have separate sections/department exclusively for GIS Technologies, Mr. Ramasamy said while speaking after inaugurating the Sakura KIOT Centre for Excellence on Remote Sensing and GIS at the Department of Civil Engineering of Knowledge Institute of Technology (KIOT) here recently. Sakura GSR is a leading forum that provides innovative technologies, handling satellite images and generation of digital elevating modelling using GIS.

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