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Indian makes low-cost water purifier


Chennai: Various studies suggest that nearly 15 states in India are endemic to fluorosis due to consumption of groundwater containing high fluoride concentration.

While the problem of heavy metal contamination in water is universal, the cost of purifying such water has been expensive.

Now, a Switzerland-based Indian scientist has designed a low-cost membrane from nano-sized protein fibrils to pull heavy metals and radioactive compounds out of water. The membrane filter can be simply placed above a container to collect purified water by pouring the impure liquid.

Scientist Sreenath Bolisetty working for ETH Zurich said the cost-effective filtering technology can remove close to 99 per cent of heavy metal pollutants like lead and mercury, certain bacteria and radioactive wastes like Uranyl acetate. It filters pollutant particles and brings down the concentration to 0.02parts per million, he said.


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