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Bodies mooted for development of metropolis


In an attempt to ensure effective planning, coordination and its execution for achieving planned and sustainable development of urban areas across the State, the government on Saturday introduced the Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Region and Urban Development Authorities Bill 2015, repealing the Andhra Pradesh Urban Areas (Development) Act, 1975, in the Legislative Assembly on Saturday.

Clearing the government stand on this issue, Municipal Administration Minister P. Narayana said that the provisions under the Act came in force in 1975 was inadequate to undertake the development of urban and rural areas in a comprehensive manner. Accordingly, it was decided to replace the old Act with the new Bill, he said.

Highlighting the provisions made in the new Bill, Mr. Narayana said it provides for land pooling and town planning schemes along with a special development scheme with participation of private entities to ensure comprehensive development of notified areas. The Bill also seeks to regulate planned development of the identified area by constituting a Building Tribunal.

The Bill further provides for creation of a Metropolitan Region Development Authority or Urban Development Authority as the case may be to be assisted by an executive committee for preparation of perspective plan, master plan, infrastructure development plan and other statutory plans for the development of the identified area. The authority would be entrusted with preparation and implementation of land pooling, town planning and special area development schemes besides ensuring promotion of development and use of land.

The authority would create a land development bank in which all lands acquired, allotted, purchased and obtained would be maintained. The government, on its part, would give a top priority for alienation of government lands and transfer them to the land development bank to meet the requirements for public infrastructure, amenities and utilities. Further, the Bill lays emphasis on the Land Pooling Scheme (LPS) making the metropolitan commissioner/vice-chairperson as the competent authority for administering the scheme.

The Bill makes it clear that the LPS is intended for land owners volunteering to part with their land against a guaranteed return of a developed and reconstituted plot/land. Provisions relating to reservation and allotment of land in the LPS for various purposes including creation of utilities such as parks and roads have been specified in the Bill.


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